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Oct 11, 2012 5:00pm EDT
balding yankees manager joe girardi? >> that is correct. his father jerry passed away on saturday after a long battle with dementia and alzheimer's. he chose not to tell anybody about this. he was hoping to wait until monday, which he was assuming would be an off day to bury his father, and he would not missed the workout. he only told a very few people close to him. his father passed away and he has been keeping that with him since saturday. as far as the orioles are concerned, a very different thing to deal with. the orioles absolutely have to win, and coming back after a crushing defeat -- that is the biggest challenge of the season without question. >> the orioles recipe of good pitching -- get a lead late and never let go. that only prove to be the stage dressing for raul ibanez's greatest at-bat in post-season history. >> we have to put the slots behind as. you cannot dwell on these things. we know we should have won this game. it got away from us. there is no turning back. we have the same attitude and the same mentality we have had since the first day of spring training. have fu
Oct 12, 2012 5:00pm EDT
. [applause] >> fireworks were firing. >> first, this exchange on the jobless rate. >> joe and i are from similar towns. he's from scranton and dime from wisconsin. do you know what the unemployment rate in scranton is today? 10%. do you know what it was when you came in? 8.5%. >> this was misleading since the unemployment rate is 7.8% in our nation, exactly where it was when obama took office. if >> he cherry pick the one city where he is from where unemployment has gone from 8.5% up to 10% but he also talked about his home town in wisconsin and the unemployment rate there has actually come down more than 4%. >> next, the obama tax plan. >> the average tax rate on businesses in the industrialized world as 25% and he wanted top effective tax rate above 40%. two-thirds of our jobs come from small businesses. this one a tax would tax 53% of small business and come. >> that include businesses people would not consider small businesses. it could include hedge funds that actually pull in hundreds of millions of dollars per year. >> the congressman cut embassies' security in his budget by $300
Oct 10, 2012 5:00pm EDT
americnan people get good jobs. >> joe biden ahd his opponent debate tomorrow night. the big bird attack is not the only ad. both campaigns and outside groups pour money into battlegrounds as early absentee states -- the most saturated markets are ohio, wisconsin, florida, colorado -- and the most targeted is orlando. sausage or pepperoni? a lifetime of free pizza, one large pie a week, to anyone who poses the question to barack obama or mitt romney. it has to happen in the live debate next tuesday. this is drawing criticism from thousands of viewers who want to hear about the economy, health care, and serious issues. >> more fallout for lance armstrong. about a dozen of his former teammates testified against him in a government investigation. it was "the most sophisticated doping program the sport has ever seen." case is part of the usda's against him, erasing his seven titles. he appeared in the revolution 3 70-mile competition, completeing it in less than four hours 11 minuts. >> your home heating bill is about to go up. >> the winter fuels outlook is out. we'll look at how muc
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3